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Public Complaints Policy


This policy outlines the Authority’s procedures for addressing public complaints related to service delivery and staff conduct.  

The Public Complaints Policy cannot be used to complain about a compliance order or other compliance or enforcement decision. Such requests must be made in accordance with the procedures provided for in the Resource Recovery and Circular Economy Act, 2016 (RRCEA) and the Waste Diversion Transition Act, 2016 (WDTA), as well as in any compliance and enforcement policies established by the Authority.

Complaints related to the Access and Privacy Code will be addressed as described in that Code.


The Authority is mandated by the Government of Ontario to advance a circular economy and achieve a waste-free Ontario as outlined in the RRCEA and WDTA. In pursuit of this mandate, the Authority is committed to delivering exceptional customer service and all staff are committed to the highest levels of professional standards and courtesy in delivering the Authority’s regulatory mandate. This includes having an accessible, fair, transparent and straightforward process in place when a complaint is received about the Authority or an individual acting on behalf of the Authority. 

For the purposes of this policy, a complaint is defined as an expression of dissatisfaction about the Authority’s action or lack of action, or about the standard of service provided by or on behalf of the Authority. 

Submitting a Complaint

You should first consider raising your complaint informally with the employee who is responsible for the matter you have a complaint about, or with the employee’s supervisor or manager.

If you wish to submit a formal complaint about the Authority’s service delivery or conduct of staff, you may do so by:
  • Submitting your complaint in writing to 
  • Or, submitting your complaint directly to the attention of the Chair of the Board of Directors, the CEO, the Registrar, the Director of Legal Services, or the Director of Communications and Stakeholder Relations by phone, email, or letter:
    • By phone at (416) 226-5113 or toll free at (888) 936-5113
    • By email (email addresses are located on the Authority’s website for executives and for the Board Chair
    • By letter at 4711 Yonge St., Suite 408, Toronto, ON, M2N 6K8
If you require assistance in filing a complaint, Authority staff will be available to help. 

A complaint should include the following information:
  • Complainant’s name and contact details
  • Details and reasons for the complaint (Who, What, When, Where, etc.)
  • The outcome that is sought
Information provided to the Authority as part of a complaint will be subject to the Authority’s Access and Privacy Code and treated confidentially.

Complaints Handling Process

Authority staff will review all formal complaints on the following basis:
  • Receipt of complaints will be acknowledged within 3 business days.
  • Complaints will be reviewed by the recipient and referred to senior staff responsible for the service area that is the subject of the complaint, or to the supervisor of the person who is the subject of the complaint. 
  • If the complaint is about a member of the executive management team (including executive officers), the complaint will be referred to the CEO. A complaint about the CEO will be referred to the Human Resources Committee of the Authority’s Board of Directors. 
  • All complaints received under this policy will be brought to the attention of the CEO and any senior staff with responsibilities related to the complaint. Complaints will be escalated to the Human Resources Committee of the Authority’s Board of Directors as appropriate. The employees responsible for the matter being complained about will also be notified of the complaint.
  • The Authority will respond to complaints within 30 days. If a complaint cannot be responded to within 30 days, the Authority will provide clear reasons in writing to the complainant why the complaint cannot be responded to and provide a timeline for when a response will be provided.
  • The Authority may seek additional information, including from the complainant.
  • If complainants do not respond to requests for additional information within 15 days, the Authority will provide notification that the complaint has been rejected as incomplete and withdrawn.

Policy Review

The Authority’s Director of Communications and Stakeholder Relations is responsible for the Complaints Policy and for reviewing the policy on a periodic basis as required.

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