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Do municipalities have to register with RPRA?
No. Municipalities that collect used tires are exempt from the requirement to register with RPRA as a collector or submit reports.  Furthermore, there is no requirement for a municipality to establish a tire collection site. Note that a municipality that hauls tires is required to register as a hauler.
Although municipalities are not required to register as collectors, used tires from these sites can be used by producers to meet their collection targets, provided they are picked up by a registered hauler and delivered to a registered processor or retreader. To ensure pick-up, the municipality will also need to make sure they are included in the collection systems established by tire producers or Producer Responsibility Organizations (PROs).
If you have registered and want your registration deactivated, please call the Compliance and Registry Team at 647-496-0530 or toll free at 1-833-600-0530.

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