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Do I need to provide an audit report with my supply information?
If you were a steward registered with Ontario Tire Stewardship, you do not need to provide an audit report for the tire supply information previously provided to them, as long as the information you are required to submit under the Tires Regulation is the same as the information you previously submitted to Ontario Tire Stewardship.

If the Tires Regulation requires you to provide information that is different from what you provided to Ontario Tire Stewardship, please refer to Compliance Bulletin No. 2 – What Tires Have to be Reported for compliance guidance on reporting and audit requirements.

If you were not a steward registered with the Ontario Tire Stewardship, you will need to submit an audit report with your tire supply data.

Refer to Registry Procedure - Audit and Compliance Bulletin No. 3 - Supply Data Audits for further information. 

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