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Can I use the supply data I’ve already submitted to Ontario Tire Stewardship?
Ontario Tire Stewardship has collected supply data from tire stewards for a number of years. Tire stewards who fall into the definition of tire producer under the Tires Regulation have the option of providing the data they previously submitted to Ontario Tire Stewardship as part of the initial registration process and for any subsequent reporting requirements. In support of that option, the Registry includes weight conversion factors for the 18 categories of tires used by Ontario Tire Stewardship for steward reporting. More detail on this option is available in Registry Procedure - Weight Conversion Factors (Tires).

Whether or not they use data previously submitted to Ontario Tire Stewardship, producers are responsible for submitting their own supply data to the Registry for two important reasons: 
  • The supply data submitted to the Registry is used to establish mandatory collection targets and it is important that each producer verifies its own supply data as part of their reporting. 
  • The list of stewards maintained by Ontario Tire Stewardship may not fully align with those who meet the definition of producer under the Tires Regulation.

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