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How can municipalities ensure their tires are picked up?
To ensure tires continue to be picked up from your sites in 2019, you will need to make sure those sites are included in the collection systems established by tire producers or Producer Responsibility Organizations (PROs). Since most producers will work with PROs to establish their collection systems, municipalities should contact one of the registered PROs listed on RPRA’s website to get their sites included.

Read the article: Can municipalities continue to operate tire collection sites in 2019? for more information.
If you choose not to operate a tire collection site, you can redirect residents to a registered collection site. A full list of registered collection sites will be available on RPRA’s website. Should a municipality take the tires to a registered collection site, this does not mean they become a hauler. A hauler must be taking tires to a site for processing, reuse, retreading or disposal.

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