What is tire supply data?
Producers are required to provide their supply data as specified in the Tires Regulation.  New tires are supplied into Ontario in two ways: on new vehicles or separately.  As part of the initial registration process in 2018, producers are required to provide the number and calculated weight of the tires, by category, that they supplied in 2014, 2015 and 2016.

Please refer to Compliance Bulletin No. 2 - What Tires Have to be Reported for compliance guidance on reporting requirements. 

Calculated weight is defined to mean either the actual weight or the weight that results from applying the conversion factors set out in Registry Procedure - Weight Conversion Factors (Tires). 

By May 31, 2019, producers are required to provide their 2017 supply data. By May 31, 2020, producers are required to provide their 2018 supply data, and so on.

If a producer’s required supply information is the same as the supply information that the producer supplied to Ontario Tire Stewardship as a steward, a conversion tool is available during the registration process to convert the supply data from the 18 OTS categories to the four categories under the Tires Regulation. An audit report will not be required unless a producer is using different supply data for registration purposes. 

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